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NEWS | Oct. 1, 2018

Air Force Technology Transfer Program Names New Director

By Mindy Cooper, Air Force Technology Transfer Program / AF T3

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The Air Force Technology Transfer program recently selected a new program director. Joseph Gordon, previously the division chief of the Air Force Science & Technology Management Division, was named director of the nationwide program.
“In my previous position, I had the opportunity to oversee the broad Air Force science and technology portfolio. One of the most interesting areas was the Technology Transfer Program,” said Gordon. “My previous team worked on multiple initiatives including ways to increase the number of Air Force patents and inventions. Accepting this new role puts me in the position to continue leading the outstanding progress made over the last three years.” 

As the new program director, Gordon will also focus on the program’s shift from Technology Transfer into Technology Transfer and Transition.

The change reflects Air Force senior leadership’s focus on seeing more technology moved quickly into the hands of the warfighter. In the future, the T2 program will operate with an increased emphasis on technology transition to the warfighter in addition to the traditional role of moving laboratory technologies to the commercial sector. 

“I like to say that, “T2 + Transition equals T3,” said Gordon. “We’re excited to see how the program can assist the process of new technology reaching our warfighters.” 

The T3 program will go through a new branding effort that includes a new website and new transfer/transition vehicles like the new software licensing agreements.

“I look forward to seeing the programs grow with updated policies and procedures, and seeing how T3 will operate in the future,” said Gordon. 

For more information on the Air Force Technology Transfer & Transition program and how you can partner with the Air Force, please call 937-904-9830.

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