The Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) plays a key role in shaping a federal laboratory’s approach to technology transfer by developing and promoting effective partnerships between government and commercial entities.

The Air Force currently has 43 ORTAs across the Air Force Enterprise.

Functions performed by ORTAs are the following:

  • Prepare application assessments
  • Provide and disseminate info on federally owned or originated products, processes, and services
  • Cooperate with NTIS and FLC
  • Provide technical assistance to State and local government officials
  • Participate in regional, state, and local programs designed to facilitate transfer of technology

ORTA Manager

The main objective of an ORTA manager is to promote and support technology transfer in accordance with the laboratory's mission. The ORTA manager at each laboratory must:

  • Make potential partners aware of the laboratory’s technologies
  • Identify the value of utilizing the technology
  • Keep abreast of commercial market issues
  • Inform laboratory personnel on technology transfer