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Who We Are &
What We Do

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The DAFT3PO manages and supports all Technology Transfer (T2) activities and serves as the DAF Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA), focusing on the processing of T2 agreements, training, guidance, assistance, and ORTA services for organizations that do not have a designated ORTA. The DAFT3PO also handles delegations, as granted by the DAF Technology Executive Officer (TEO) and makes determinations of new ORTAs and Delegated Authority requests, all of which are coordinated with the Air Force Materiel Command Intellectual Property Legal Office (AFMCLO/JAZ). The DAFT3PO also supervises 14 Partnership Intermediaries (PI) and provides Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) Training. The DAFT3PO is also responsible for updating Air Force Instruction (AFI) 61-301, as necessary, and publishing the T3 Handbook. Additionally, the DAFT3PO oversees and issues patent royalty disbursements, outreach efforts, technology scouting, awards, social media presence, publishing success stories, and calculating metrics.

The premier effort by the DAFT3PO is the development of the Defense Technology Transfer Information System (DTTIS) which will enable all Department of Defense (DoD) T2 Activities to successfully manage agreements, patents, royalties, and metrics.

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The Mission

The Air Force T3 Mission is to facilitate the implementation of Air Force Innovative technologies in products and services to benefit the warfighter and the public, while supporting Air Force research through collaborative partnerships.

Key Objectives

  • Internal Process Improvements.
  • Innovation Enhancements.
  • Positive Economic Impacts
  • Complete Development of New Software Tool for Agreement Tracking, Storage, Metrics, and Patent Docketing.

Meet the Team

DAFT3 Team
Scott Aughenbaugh Ops Team PIA Team