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PIAs enable a long-term partnership between a federal government, laboratory and a state, local government, or affiliated non-profit. They also facilitate technology transfer (spin-out) from the federal labs to non-federal entities, along with facilitating technology transition (spin-in) to the federal labs from non-federal entities.

Purpose: Encourages national economic growth through T2 and commercialization of technology developed in the federal labs.

PIA Benefits to AF activities:
  • “Force Multiplier” for AF T3 activities
  • Conduct focused marketing to businesses, academic institutions and other non-federal entities of AF technologies, capabilities, facilities and partnering opportunities
  • Identify qualified potential partners and introduce them to AF activities
  • Help establish successful T3 agreements (e.g. CRADAs, EPAs, CTAs, etc.) by facilitating communication between AF activities and non-federal parties during the negotiation process
Tech Transfer and Transition Spinout

T3 Services Under a PIA

Consulting, strategic planning, military and technology assetments
Facilitating transfer of technologies from the laboratory to industry
Assessing patents and applications to find top licensing prospects for industry
Marketing AF technologies to potential licensees
Supporting medical/legal interactions regarding Technology Transfer Transition
Assisting industries and regions interested in federal tech commercialization
Organizing tech-related events for Transfer Transition activities
Finding innovative tech firms meeting AF needs
Facilitates STEM-related partnerships

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