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Patent and Software Licensing


The licensing of government-owned software and patents is used frequently to promote the utilization and commercialization of inventions that are developed in federal labs through agency-supported R&D. The government may grant licenses to the private sector. Interested parties should search our IP database for opportunities.

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PLA Header

Patent License Agreement (PLA) allows the patent owner to grant another person or company to make, use, or sell the patented invention in return for a valuable consideration

SLA Header

Software License Agreement (SLA) allows a lab to license government developed software in return for a valuable consideration

Types of License Agreements


Grants intellectual property rights for their sole use in all fields of use or geographic area

Partially Exclusive

Rights granted to either a pre-determined number of recipients or for a specific use or geographic area


Grants rights to an unlimited number of parties in any given field of use or geographic area