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NEWS | Feb. 1, 2017

30TH Space Wings Partners with Discovery Museum to Create Space Launch Exhibit


  • COMPANY NAME: The Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, Santa Maria, CA
  • TECHNICAL PROJECT OFFICE: Air Force Technology Transfer Program, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, California — The local community doesn’t always get to peek inside Vandenberg Air Force Base and see its role in launching and landing space vehicles. But, for some of its younger residents, that’s about to change. A new educational partnership agreement between the 30th Space Wing and the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum is going to provide area students with hands-on experience of the aerospace industry.

An EPA is a technology transfer agreement between a defense laboratory and an educational institution for the purpose of encouraging and enhancing study in scientific disciplines at all levels of education.

Read more by downloading the full story. You may also contact the AF T3 Program Office for more information by clicking here.


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