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  • Published
  • By AF T3
  • PLA Number: AFRL-2020-0257

Device for Crada

Eglin Air Force Base – The concept of getting high-tech results for a significant discount has always been attractive to the military. For physicist and innovator Joshua Lentz, currently working with AFRL/RWWGH, it all comes down to something as simple as a child’s toy.

“I view the idea generation process as Legos,” Lentz said. “I’ll take a product or technology and consider it like a single Lego shape. I spend time trying to come up with ways to build products out of that one type of Lego.“ Brick by brick, that process has led to his invention and patent for a Low-Cost Wide Field of View (FOV) Projector. Lentz, who began his career earning BAs in Math and Physics from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania, before moving on to add a Masters and PhD in Optics from the University Central Florida – and currently has 16 inventions to his name -- placed the first Lego while studying Digital Micromirror Display (DMD).

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